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Designed to reduce waste and hassle, streamlining your daily routine, keeps all your documents, photos, music, and other stuff you love a swipe away. Plus, it is admirably easy to use. You can create shared albums and music libraries in your account. The other good thing about is that it can stream your music on the web and on Android and iOS devices. Whatever media you fancy, collect it at and enjoy anytime, anywhere. A fun and rewarding experience is guaranteed!

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When being in grade school, you used to say, "My dad can beat up your dad!", right? Sure you did! Why? You probably felt threatened a bit, and you knew that your dad and your family would surely save you. With that in mind, the family offers safety with all your documents, pictures, files, and other things you value.

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  • has consistently been growing at more than two members per hour.
  • More than 10 million people use However, it's you who can decide everything. Indeed, you are greatly influencing Tell us what you think or feel about our service and suggest your ideas to improve it. Be the one who makes better for users everywhere.
  • A new server is added to the cloud for every 600 smart phones or 120 tablets. Meanwhile, the average lifespan of a server is three years.
  • 1 billion pieces of content are shared via